Venus Laser Treatment with Utah Facial Plastics

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen me post about Utah Facial Plastics over the last few months. I wanted to share what I had done with the Venus laser treatment (read more about it here). This is a series of three treatments spread 4 weeks apart that are supposed to minimize pores, scarring, lighten freckles and sunspots, tighten your overall skin to reduce signs of aging and give you a glow. (Basically everything…)

I’ll just tell you upfront that overall, after my skin healed, I felt like it really did make a huge difference. I wish I had a good before pic in the same lighting! My skin is much more smooth and even. Because I am really dry, I had some extreme dryness issues while my skin was still trying to heal, but I think it all just depends on how fast each individual heals and varies from person to person!


Treatment 1

Before I went in, I had to apply numbing cream to my face (1 hr prior). I was a little nervous, because I didn’t know how it would affect my skin, how much down time I would need and if I could go in public. But I was really surprised that it healed quickly and I was able to cover it up really easily 24 hrs later. And the numbing cream, worked great! I didn’t feel a thing.




By the end of three weeks I could actually see a big difference in my skin! I was really excited for that week, and then it was time for another treatment.


Treatment 2

As you can see in the videos at the end of this post, this treatment takes less down time than a CO2 treatment, but you do have to go in for more treatments. I liked it this way because I was able to see how my skin healed over time. With the second treatment, they knew better how my skin reacted, and so they increased the laser amount and put it closer together so I didn’t have the brick pattern. And weirdly I felt like my skin healed quicker the second time!

Also this “pinpoint bleeding” is totally normal!

smiling during treatment because, well…. lidocaine is awesome and works fab to numb me up right:)

24 hrs later sans makeup (above) and then after I applied makeup (below) so it is definitely something you can go out and about with… unlike the Co2 Laser resurfacing (see video with RN Alfie Symes explaining the difference)

This is totally makeup free 2 weeks post treatment! I haven’t been able to go without foundation since my early 20’s! and I still have one treatment left! I will try and update once I have the 3rd treatment, but honestly 2 treatments made a HUGE difference! Friends and neighbors keep asking what I am using on my skin bc it is so smooth.

This picture is completely healed and with light foundation, overall my skin feels more even toned, tight and supple. I LOVED this treatment and can’t wait to get the third one! LOVE  Utah Facial Plastics! If you’re in Utah I HIGHLY recommend heading over to see them! Mention my name for special pricing*


Below: Venus Viva treatment videos from my instagram stories.



*Pricing varies, and subject to change. Please contact Utah Facial Plastics for details.