Where to shop for Tween & Teen Clothing!

Hey Hallie Here! I am taking over my moms blog today to help all of you shop for us “awkward in-between teenagers” (I am in fact, 13 though for the record, so I’m officially a teenager… just ask my mother:) We all know how hard it can be to shop for our age, I mean my gosh… I used to be the tallest in my grade or at least one of the tallest, and now I am a shrimp! Someone tell me what is happening? (before you ask, yes we did all go to maturation… and I do actually know what is happening;) Okay enough with that. I love to shop, so much that my friends mom had me come over to school shop for her too! It was almost like double the clothes!!!

Ok here I go- from left to right Kaia ( grew like 10 feet last year and made the cut into women sizes! We have all been trying to fit into them for a while now;) shirt $8: here Paper bag shorts sold out, but I also love this pair Shoes (platform Vans) Here Next in the center is petite Ava who is still in smaller sizes, and her outfit was picked by yours truly! Shirt is here and on sale for $8! Skirt is also on sale with a code now too! find it here shoes from Vans… Ava can still fit into kids sizes so they’re only $35 here. And I am wearing a Romper… still kids size 12 found here (my shirt is just an old one sorry… and platform style vans for me too of course found here
Ok now for our next outfits! Lets start with Kaia again, she is wearing this super cute vans shirt, you can find it here, the skirt is from Zara but is out of stock ( sorry ) and shoes are here. Next is me I’m wearing this cute top, find it here jeans: cotton on, found here ( mine are a women’s size 2… Yeah I am super proud of it! they are kaias, I prob need a 0 because they’re a tad long) shoes are the same as above. Ava’s shirt found at H&M for $9! Skirt: Old Navy $22 here but I think there are tons of coupon codes right now to get it for less!
Kaia has a shirt from the cutest shop called Indy Brand Clothing skirt is a little on the spendy side from free people… (at least thats what our moms say) but its here for $50… maybe you can get it for yourself instead;) Small size Fjallraven bag perfect for all our after school shenanigans found here It’s also a little pricey ($70) but I am asking for one for Christmas as it is the MUST have at school… at least here in good ol’ Utah. My pants are the best from Zara in size 11/12, found here And shirt from Zara as well found here its almost gone though, I will try to find another!
We finished off the shoot at Swig for a cookie and yummy drink in our matching
E&Hco hair scarves!
And the moms who buy our crap for us, and take the photos. And they both ordered stupid sparkling water drinks that taste like radio static… ick. (I saw that on Pinterest and was laughing so hard!) Thanks mom and Janeia!
Over and OUT.