Gender Reveal!

Hey guys! If you are following me over on Instagram, you probably saw that we have some exciting news! We are expecting our 5th baby in March!

I have three girls and one boy, so I reeeeaaally wanted to add another boy to the mix. Guess what we are having?


We are having a GIRL! I guess we are meant to be a family with LOTS of estrogen. 

We tried something new this pregnancy, I used a test called Sneak Peak Test. You guys! This is so cool! It is an at home test that you use that predicts gender. You can do it at 9 weeks, so you don’t have to wait as long as an ultrasound. It was super easy and the results came back so fast, I would totally recommend it.

You take the test and mail it back and then they email you the results. I was able to find out in 24 hours! It was really convenient and so nice to know the gender so early on in the pregnancy. 

And I am still in need of baby products that you guys recommend. Anything you can’t live without? Put it in the comments below!


7 A.M. Enfant

IMG_0142  IMG_0140 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0136

It’s spring here in Utah but still a tadchilly…Check out these cute Pookie Ponchos by 7AM Enfant.  they are so easy to attach to any stroller, stay put, and their feel are totally covered (like mini sleeping bag).  My girls and I love them!

I’m also loving this super comfy floral raglan shirt from Brickyard Buffalo.