“There’s Certainly a Santa” with Hallie & our Date to Dear Lizzie

So, Hallie has been asking all the Santa questions and I was hoping to get just one more year out of her believing in Santa, but she knows about the “insert swearword” elf on the shelf, (heres the link, if for some reason you want to torture yourself by getting one…lol) But back to the point, She was asking all the questions and I wanted to make it not so disappointing somehow…

Then I came across this amazing book, “There’s certainly a Santa,” which was written by my cute and clever friend Chelsea Rippy. So, I told her I had a secret to share and I was taking her on a date. We hit up a favorite girly girl spot (Dear Lizzie) for a treat, we love the “dizzy lizzie” drinks, and their desserts…ahem…coconut macarons for the pregnant lady. I gave Hal the book, she wanted to read it herself. I was so nervous… But all in all it went well! (see short clip of her reading the book below) She was obviously disappointed but she said she kinda knew last year, and she’s glad to know the “Super Top Secret” and is excited to be Santa for someone this year!

Then we shopped and enjoyed all the cute trinkets in the store and just had a nice time chatting and making sure she was okay with the new info! She loved the experience and I will do the same for Ty… in a year or two. He’s 9 and still wholeheartedly believes! Its so sad when kids grow up, but this book made the magic of Christmas stay and now Hallie gets to be a part of it!

Get 15% off “Theres Certainly A Santa” here, and make breaking the news a little easier on your mama heart! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Utah Indian Costume

Hallie told me last week she wanted to go to school dressed up as an American Indian for her “UTAH” day at school. She really wanted to because her friends were dressing up too.

I told her I didn’t want to spend anything for her outfit, since it was optional. We pulled together some things around the house and we were able to put together a good outfit!

I used Snazaroo face pain for Hallie’s eye makeup. The leather in Hallie’s hair and for her skirt is from the craft store, I happened to have it around the house.

I think they made a cute group American Indians! I’m glad we were able to pull off her outfit so quickly. Have you ever had last minute costume emergencies? What did you end up doing?


Happy {Heart} Day!

IMG_0039IMG_0034  IMG_0037IMG_0036IMG_0040 IMG_0038   IMG_0041

Trying to get a picture with all three of my girls sitting still is nearly impossible… I’m obsessing over my new Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag set! In all honesty, I’ve never owned an “actual” diaper bag, as I feel there haven’t been both functional & stylish options, until the past few years. I always figured I am the one who has to carry it, so it better not have a juvenile or cutesy print!This bag, the “Be Prepared” in Emperess print is classy and functional, amazing for two babes, (both still in diapers) and at the stage where we need toys and snacks. (Especially for church) and it is nice to use as a duffle for traveling as well! So many pockets and places for my things as well!  Check out all their bags and prints.

The dress I’m wearing is from Zilias Apparel.  Its so comfortable and can be dressed up or down! It’s stretch knit❤️ and comes in black and gray.  Perfect for Valentines day!

Shoes are from Pinkish Trends.


Brighton’s Birthday

IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0013 IMG_0016 IMG_0020 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0040 IMG_0042 IMG_0049 IMG_0059 IMG_0072 IMG_0077 IMG_0089 IMG_0097 IMG_0113 IMG_0120

To say Brighton’s birthday party was a hit is an understatement. When Ariel from Pink Princess Parties walked through our front door all the little girls were in awe!  I was so impressed with Ariel! She stayed perfectly in character the entire party, and mesmerized us with her beautiful voice! I may have been a little star struck myself

Thanks to Zurcher’s Party Store for the cute decor, paper goods, gold curtains and chalk labels.


IMG_0022 IMG_0026

IMG_0028 IMG_0008


How creepy are these two?!  Happy Halloween from these two vampires!  We had so much fun with the airbrush machine from Belletto Studio and Numestyle. The glittery eye shadow drips are actually stickers!  A big thanks to Zurchers Party Store for our costumes and accessories and Taylor Maid for the pro makeup and contacts!