I have been a Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant fan for years now… I actually started using it around the time Jeff and I started dating because I couldn’t stand to feel like I needed deodorant or that I was going to get nervous or sweat… I hate that feeling! I was so excited when Secret reached out because it is a product I already use and love! Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid goes on smooth and dry, and truly keeps me dry and smelling fresh all day, and I don’t have to reapply or worry about sweating. I am constantly on the go and have a tendency to put myself outside of my comfort zone often which can work up an unexpected sweat. Especially with my job as a celebrity hairstylist, the last thing I want is to be up in their faces smelling horrible or feeling sweaty.As many of you know I just had my 5th baby 4 months ago in march- I am super proud of myself for being consistent in picking back up with my BBG workouts since my baby was 6 weeks old, and I have lost all but 5 lbs of my baby weight from doing it. I am not trying to be a super athlete or have the perfect body, I want to feel my best both mentally and physically, if I am being honest- I am not one who likes to work out AT ALL- so being disciplined with my workouts and forcing myself to make the time and get it done even though I do not want to makes me feel extra strong mentally… it helps me remember that I can do hard things. I love that I was able to partner with Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant- located at CVS.

Sponsored by Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant

Brickyard & Buffalo Maternity Guest Editor Week

I am thrilled to be the guest editor this week over at Brickyard & Buffalo!

I have rounded up a bunch of my favorite shops for maternity and baby, Brickyard and Buffalo

offers these favorite things at a a discount for the week while I am guest editor! I will link them all here!

First This Darling Wendy Anne Moses Basket These are on sale for $150 this week only. Also all of these

stunning pics were taken by one of the most talented newborn and maternity photographers in UT

Amber DeHaas Photography


And look at my cute model niece at two weeks old so comfy in it. I love the fact that I can easily move this basket around the home! Another pick is this gorgeous Minky Couture pink blanket I laid down inside the Moses basket for added snuggle factor! they are $40 this week which is 40% off! One thing I love about this is that its large enough for me to use for those late night feedings when its a little chilly!

Bahhh I am dead over my new niece… she is SO sweet. She is swaddled in the cutest organic cotton swaddles from Plum and Sparrow for $12 (40% off) Also one of my picks for this week! I love that these are gentle on baby and stay put… and they’re oh so soft!

Next on the list- These adorable Cozy’s White star knotted gowns for 20% off… these are SO soft I can’t even tell you! 

Comes in black as well. I really really need like 5, haha! I also love these knotted gowns from Brickyard and buffalo, they are 60% off retail! steal of a deal!


And because I own these joggers in 4 different prints, you know I had to add them to the lineup this week! They are amazing and can be worn out and about or just at home! Plus Pockets… say no more!

Another BB pick are these adorable Annie swing dresses for my little girls! I can’t leave them off the deal week! they are so pretty and only $12.99 for the week! Aren’t they cute?

Remember when ring around the Rosies was fun? LOL, I am getting old. So now that we are in the girls room I am so excited to show you my FAVE wallpaper ever! Shop B darling wallpaper is 100% removable and damage free so you can dress up a wall or an entire room even if you’re renting! and they are totally up to date with the styles. Cannot say enough good things about them! on sale for 25% off here! Bedroom photos below: Barbie Decker


Next up: I LOVE the softness of Turkish towels for baby and toddlers, on sale for almost 70% off- $9.99

Another amazing swaddle from Modern Burlap: on sale for 50% off this week! I can’t wait to wrap my baby girl up in this fresh print!

Now- nursing… I love that this next item doubles as a scarf! How handy is that from Bebe Au Lait, on sale for 30% off!

I did a great job pretend nursing didn’t I?! Serious I think this is just brilliant. Another item I am so excited about are these awesome cups! I literally am in shock at how much less I am running my dishwasher… kids, at least my kids, LOVE to dirty every cup in the house while getting their cups of water during the day! These are on sale this week for 20% off best thing ever!


Alright, this long sleeve dress is wonderful for maternity, or just normal! I just sized up one size and viola- maternity! on sale for 50% off here.


Since I don’t fit in my regular clothes at the moment I love to splurge on jewelry when I’m pregnant and need to shop… these Little Sycamore earrings are a fast favorite, I love that each piece is custom and handmade!

Last but not least I love stretchy dual Carseat/nursing covers! They are almost 60% off this week and you know I just love me some black and white prints! Found here- $14.99 is a steal! I couldn’t get my own pic yet because I am waiting on my new carseat in the mail!

I always LOVE working with Brickyard and Buffalo, they are so kind and I love the deals so much! Hope you all score some great stuff this week!

Ballet Blast With Bree Johnson

This is my friend, Brianne, from Ballet Blast. If you haven’t heard about Ballet Blast, let me introduce you to your new favorite fitness program. Bree wanted to develop something that would empower woman with a community of support rather than a gym.

We have been friends forever and she was willing to give me a few lessons. She is awesome and was one of the hosts on Good Things Utah for a while. She’s incredibly talented and her Ballet Blast is just one more example of her incredible skill.

One of the most unique things about Ballet Bar is they don’t expect you to come into the studio every day. Instead, you can work out over Facebook live or on demand with the recorded videos.

One of the awesome things about the focus at Ballet Bar is they focus on long and lean rather than adding bulk. All of the program is focused on long and lean Focusing on toning your body through ballet ensures that you will not add bulk to your physique.



Okay, we had a little extra fun after we worked out.

I know I make this look easy… 😉 but Bree really knows how to make you burn! If you’re interested in joining, check out more here. If you want to know more about Ballet Blast, you can check out Bree’s Insta or email

And thanks to Camera Shy for the pictures!

Venus Laser Treatment with Utah Facial Plastics

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen me post about Utah Facial Plastics over the last few months. I wanted to share what I had done with the Venus laser treatment (read more about it here). This is a series of three treatments spread 4 weeks apart that are supposed to minimize pores, scarring, lighten freckles and sunspots, tighten your overall skin to reduce signs of aging and give you a glow. (Basically everything…)

I’ll just tell you upfront that overall, after my skin healed, I felt like it really did make a huge difference. I wish I had a good before pic in the same lighting! My skin is much more smooth and even. Because I am really dry, I had some extreme dryness issues while my skin was still trying to heal, but I think it all just depends on how fast each individual heals and varies from person to person!


Treatment 1

Before I went in, I had to apply numbing cream to my face (1 hr prior). I was a little nervous, because I didn’t know how it would affect my skin, how much down time I would need and if I could go in public. But I was really surprised that it healed quickly and I was able to cover it up really easily 24 hrs later. And the numbing cream, worked great! I didn’t feel a thing.




By the end of three weeks I could actually see a big difference in my skin! I was really excited for that week, and then it was time for another treatment.


Treatment 2

As you can see in the videos at the end of this post, this treatment takes less down time than a CO2 treatment, but you do have to go in for more treatments. I liked it this way because I was able to see how my skin healed over time. With the second treatment, they knew better how my skin reacted, and so they increased the laser amount and put it closer together so I didn’t have the brick pattern. And weirdly I felt like my skin healed quicker the second time!

Also this “pinpoint bleeding” is totally normal!

smiling during treatment because, well…. lidocaine is awesome and works fab to numb me up right:)

24 hrs later sans makeup (above) and then after I applied makeup (below) so it is definitely something you can go out and about with… unlike the Co2 Laser resurfacing (see video with RN Alfie Symes explaining the difference)

This is totally makeup free 2 weeks post treatment! I haven’t been able to go without foundation since my early 20’s! and I still have one treatment left! I will try and update once I have the 3rd treatment, but honestly 2 treatments made a HUGE difference! Friends and neighbors keep asking what I am using on my skin bc it is so smooth.

This picture is completely healed and with light foundation, overall my skin feels more even toned, tight and supple. I LOVED this treatment and can’t wait to get the third one! LOVE  Utah Facial Plastics! If you’re in Utah I HIGHLY recommend heading over to see them! Mention my name for special pricing*


Below: Venus Viva treatment videos from my instagram stories.



*Pricing varies, and subject to change. Please contact Utah Facial Plastics for details.

Inside My Make-Up Bag

I get asked about what makeup products I use, so I thought I’d share!


 | 12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 |

Why I love it:
1 Lancome’s Teint Idole: This foundation is full coverage with a matte finish, so it looks good in photos and real life. And it lasts all day.
2 Tarte The buffer Airbrush: This brush makes your foundation look like it was applied by an airbrush machine. Trust me on this because I have an airbrush machine and I almost prefer this brush to the machine.
3 Too Face Milk Chocolate Soleil: A good bronzer for light to medium skin tones. Plus it smells delicious. Just like chocolate.
4 Tarte Shape Tape: This is a full coverage concealer. It is creamy, a tiny amount goes a long way, and it blends well. One other thing I love about it is that you can use it for highlighting and contouring if you want. And it’s an award winning product. When I picked it up at Ulta, the employees there said it was one of their top two sellers.
5 It Cosmetics Heavenly Lux Brush: If you’re looking for a concealer brush, this is the one I’d recommend. I only use it for concealer because I love my buffer brush.
6 Watts Up: This is a good highlighter if you are dry or prefer cream. It is a good fit for fair skin.
7 Becca Opal Glow:  This powder is beautiful and really does give a glow.
8 Coralista Blush: A really great natural-looking blush. It gives you a highlight as well if you don’t have time to highlight and contour.
9 Setting Spray: I’d recommend this for humid climates or if you are oily. Your makeup will last way longer. I prefer a spray to a powder setting because powder looks cake-y and gets in fine lines and wrinkles. I especially don’t like powder because my foundation is matte.
10 Anastasia Brow Definer Pencil: I love this because it has an angled tip. Genius! It goes on smooth and stays put, giving you full coverage for your brows. I use light brown because I like having warmth to cover up my gray tattoos. If I didn’t have tattoos I would use a more ashy color, like taupe.
11 Anastasia Brow Gel: My brow hair is long and so this keeps it in place. I’d also recommend this if you have unruly brows.
12 Too Faced Sweet Peach: This smells like peaches and has really smooth colors. This is latest and greatest palette from Too Faced and has great colors for spring. I also like the milk chocolate bar palette.
13 Covergirl Mascara: I’ve tried just about every expensive mascara there is, and I always come back to this one. Obviously everyone has different types of lashes, but I definitely would recommend trying this one out if you haven’t.
14 Covergirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner: I have used this eyeliner for years. I use black brown for everyday use because if I use black for everyday looks, it closes my eyes, so this is black brown is a great alternative. And I love that this product does exactly what it says.
15 Stila Liner: I use this if I want more dramatic cat-eye. It’s fabulous because it stays. Perfect for an evening, or dark bold look. I don’t use it for everyday looks.
16 Train Case in “Queen of the Nile” print: This is one of my favorite JuJuBe bags and it is perfect for holding my makeup.  It is machine washable. It fits everything you could ever want. Flexible, so easy to pack. Favorite pattern, so many other good patterns too.  Plus, it is antimicrobial which is nice to not have to worry about germs with my makeup I put on my face every day.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

How to Add Extensions

Hair extensions add volume and length to any amount of hair. I wanted to share some professional tips about putting them in so they look natural.


I love Rapunzel of Sweden extensions. You can shop their entire collection here.

Here is how I add my clip-in extensions. See my note at the bottom if you have shorter hair.


Because I have long hair, I start close to the nap of my neck. My goal is to create a weaved layering effect of the extensions, so I begin with the first clip in on the bottom left.


The next layer, I do on the bottom right, beginning the brick layer pattern. I want them to overlap to create a natural look.


I then go back to the left side and add them in again.


And then again on the right. I do a total of four layers of extensions, keeping to the back and alternating left back, right back, left back, right back.

I prefer to add all of my extensions in the back because it adds a lot of natural volume and length. I don’t like adding my extensions on the sides of my head, but you can do that as well.  If you add extensions on the sides, you will want to create a brick layer pattern when you add your extensions: one in the middle back, then one on the right side and one on the left side, and repeated with multiple extensions, as needed.

Tips for short hair: if your hair is shorter you will need to start adding your extensions up higher and not close to your neck. This will help your extensions look more natural.

If you have questions about extensions, put them in the comments!

XOXO - Kylee (Bonus!!)

Happy {Heart} Day!

IMG_0039IMG_0034  IMG_0037IMG_0036IMG_0040 IMG_0038   IMG_0041

Trying to get a picture with all three of my girls sitting still is nearly impossible… I’m obsessing over my new Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag set! In all honesty, I’ve never owned an “actual” diaper bag, as I feel there haven’t been both functional & stylish options, until the past few years. I always figured I am the one who has to carry it, so it better not have a juvenile or cutesy print!This bag, the “Be Prepared” in Emperess print is classy and functional, amazing for two babes, (both still in diapers) and at the stage where we need toys and snacks. (Especially for church) and it is nice to use as a duffle for traveling as well! So many pockets and places for my things as well!  Check out all their bags and prints.

The dress I’m wearing is from Zilias Apparel.  Its so comfortable and can be dressed up or down! It’s stretch knit❤️ and comes in black and gray.  Perfect for Valentines day!

Shoes are from Pinkish Trends.



IMG_0022 IMG_0026

IMG_0028 IMG_0008


How creepy are these two?!  Happy Halloween from these two vampires!  We had so much fun with the airbrush machine from Belletto Studio and Numestyle. The glittery eye shadow drips are actually stickers!  A big thanks to Zurchers Party Store for our costumes and accessories and Taylor Maid for the pro makeup and contacts!